About Directorate

This directorate is an essential component of the JNC organizational structure and reports directly to JNC Secretary General (SG).The directorate participates in planning, coordination and implementing JNC plans and programs .to enhance nursing profession. 

Roles and responsibilities:

  1. Adhering to JNC vision and mission.
  2. Participating in developing and implanting national health strategy.
  3. Developing legislation to enhance nursing and midwifery profession.
  4. Enhancing nursing education in Jordan through improving the quality of nursing education.
  5. Enhancing nursing and midwifery workforce.
  6. Supporting scientific research and consultations to support nursing profession.
  7. Updating JNC documents and publications to meet the national and global developments.
  8. Implementing nursing profession development projects nationally and regionally.
  9. Implementing the departments' plans and programs.
  10. Supervising the departments under the directorate.
  11. Improving JNC performance.
  12. Follow up of the technical issues of the departments and preparing the directorate annual plans, and reporting them to the SG.
  13. Any other tasks as requested by JNC SG.

Development and Scientific Research Directorate consists of three departments:

  1. Department of  Planning , Studies and Policies
  2. Department of Training and Continuing Education
  3. Department of Monitoring &  evaluation