Planning, studies and policies department

It's one of the three departments under the development and scientific research directorate, and reports to it directly, the main responsibility of the department is developing policies and strategic plans to enhance nursing service at the national level to protect the community members and improve their health in partnership with national and international partners.

Roles and responsibilities:

  1.  Implementing JNC vision and mission according to JNC law.
  2. Participating in developing and implanting national health strategy.
  3.  Developing legislation to enhance nursing and midwifery profession.
  4. Participation in developing national strategy for scientific research
  5. Supervising the department staff activities and reporting to the director of the development and scientific research director as follows:Participating in implementing nursing profession development projection nationally and regionally with JNC partners.
  6. Preparing annual department operation plan and supervising the implementation.
  7. Research Information exchange with the partners.
  8. Conducting health service needs assessment researches to support nursing profession development strategies.
  9. Conducting environmental scan for the national strategy for nursing and midwifery and proposing improvement recommendations.
  10. Any other assigned tasks by the director or by JNC SG.