About Directorate

The Directorate is responsible for organizing, implementing and following up all the administrative and human resources, materials, and technological services necessary for the council and for supervising all related Procedures.

Roles & Responsibilities

Implementing financial management plans to ensure optimal utilization and sustainability of available financial resources.

Participate in the preparation of the annual budget of the council and project budgets and supervise the implementation in accordance with the approved regulations.

Follow-up and regulation of financial issues related to contracts and agreements of the council.

Participate in the preparation of the table of formations (manpower plan) and implementation of human resources plan and the preparation of plans that help to develop and maintain these resources.

Supervising the management of human resources.

Designing and developing systems and procedures aims to simplifying work procedures and upgrading performance in different directorates and departments.

To provide the administrative services necessary for the implementation and completion of the work of the directorates and follow up their improvement and advancement.

Directorate consists of three departments:

  • Department of Human Resources
  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of Administration, supplies & services