HRH Princess Muna Al-Hussein stated that:

"I trust that the outcomes of this national dialogue will maximize the investments in Nursing and Midwifery Workforce by Taking Innovative and Effective Actions to
Enforce Robust Regulatory Policies which include

Establishment of a post for advanced practice nurse and nurse specialist within the organizational structure of all health institutions with a clear Scope of Practice in addition to standardize nursing clinical ladder at the national level.

Integration of nursing and midwifery competencies in the curricula to meet the changing health needs of the population."

Promote safe and decent work environment

"we are not too far from year 2020, the year of the nurse and midwife."

"If we do not act now, our credibility will be at stake, we need to honor our obligations and the commitments we have made to the national and global community for making the WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR ALL, BY ALL."