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2nd Nursing Policy Forum 23. April. 2019

New Horizons for Transforming Health Care:

Enforcement of Robust Nursing and Midwifery Regulatory Policies

Aims: The forum aims at providing a national multidisciplinary policy dialogue & platform for discussion and debate among policy makers, nurses and midwives leaders on contemporary issues, opportunities and policies to maximize the Investment in Nursing and Midwifery by Taking Innovative Actions that Ensure Effective Enforcement and Implementation of  Robust Regulatory Policies to Achieve Better Health Outcomes.

Themes of the forum

  1. Specialization and clinical ladder
  2. Nursing & Midwifery Scope of Practice (Liability Law)
  3. Nursing & Midwifery Competence in Education
  4. Nursing & Midwifery Workforce (Leadership ,Continues Profession Development, Ratio of  Nurses to Patient , Work environment) 

The Program

Attendance Record