Database Department

The Department of Databases is one of the specialized departments in the Jordanian Nursing Council. Its purpose is to access comprehensive scientific databases in relation to the specialization, specialists, scientific research and nursing staff. The department is responsible for establishing and implementing information systems programs, supervising them and working to ensure the continuity and continuity of work on computer systems. The databases include the names of the holders of the license in Jordan according to the laws and regulations, the databases of the nursing staff working in Jordan and abroad, the databases of the researchers and the scientific research and apply mechanisms for Nursing Needs Survey.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  1. Analyze and design electronic and computerized programs for the Directorate of specialization
  2. Evaluate and update the new software based on the increasing needs in the work of the Directorate of specialization.
  3. Link national databases to researchers and scientific research in universities, scientific centers and health institutions with all educational and health sectors
  4. Link databases for nursing staff working in Jordan and abroad with all relevant health institutions such as the Ministry of Health and Royal Medical Services and the Association of Nurses and other health institutions
  5. Develop and implement the necessary electronic  procedures for the applicants under the laws and regulations of specialization directorate
  6. Link the website of the Council to the global libraries
  7. Supervise the preparation and development of data collection models and providing the concerned parties with the necessary data to complete the work of the Directorate of specialization
  8. Ensure that the safety requirements of the hardware, software and information security of the Directorate are met
  9. Develop the necessary software, reports and any other related work in the Directorate
  10. To carry out any work, responsibilities and duties entrusted to him by the Council or by the Secretary General