Examination Department

The examination department is one of the departments of the specialization directorate concerned with supervising, preparing and participating in the examinations of the Jordanian Nursing Council for the purpose of obtaining a nursing certificate and developing a plan to ensure complete confidentiality and follow-up of examinations

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  1. Implement the Board's vision and objectives.
  2. Contribute to the establishment of a strategic plan for examination department and follow-up implementation under the supervision of the directorate of specialization
  3. Develop a national plan for the certificate of specialization examination and its application and follow-up workshops and programs
  4. Participate in the development of human resources in nursing to raise the level of competencies in the specialization certification exam
  5. Prepare and participate in the development and evaluation of the activities related to the examinations such as training courses
  6. specialization exams in all specialties and levels  prepare nursing
  7. Participate in the preparation of the exams for the national and international registered nursing licensure certificates in collaboration with higher education institutions
  8. Develop national standard methodology for the identification and evaluation of the content of the examinations of specialization in conformity with national standards and competencies of specialization
  9. Supervise the process of preparing the questions and setting blueprint for the exams  in accordance with the standards and competencies
  10. Supervise the electronic files of exams in cooperation with the database department
  11. Follow-up and develop the electronic page regarding the examination instructions and appointments
  12. Suggest basic references
  13. Establish the National Center for Examinations based on international standards
  14. Participate in the development of confidentiality and privacy methodology and determine the eligibility criteria for the administrative examination staff and their qualifications
  15. Organize the process of registration of applicants for  specialization exams , and check their data, and ensure the integrity of the examination and analysis of questions
  16. To carry out any work, responsibilities and duties entrusted to him by the Council or by the Secretary General