Records Department

It is one of specialization directorate department at JNC that support its' work and helps in increasing the effectiveness of the directorate.

The record is the main resource that involve critical and significant data of specialization.

Specialization records department aims to establish approved basic scientific standards for saving, receiving and following up all incoming and outgoing data in special records.

It is commitment to the national record contents of different nursing specialties.

The department is responsible in organizing & saving records according to special criteria to ensure the safety, quick access to the data and keep its sustainability using both electronic and paper systems. 

  1. Tasks & Responsibilities:
  2. Implement the vision and aims of JNC.
  3. Review the records of the applicants for the nursing specializations exams.
  4. Make sure that all forms, documents and information required for the examination of specialization directorate are complete.
  5. Establish paper & electronic systems for the certificates that issued by the specialization directorate.
  6. Sort the records of the directorate according to unified serial system.
  7. Index the specialization system according to the professional ladder of nursing specialties.
  8. Save specialization records and copies of the certificates according to special administrative techniques.
  9. Prepare of summaries & transfer the data form the specialization records according to special forms prepared to facilitate the process of using files in different purposes.
  10. Save and retrieve all specialization records which are used at JNC & coordinate with other specialized departments.
  11. Prepare the processes and procedures for the departments' work in accordance to the approved system at JNC.
  12. Prepare monthly reports for the activities, achievements, notes and the recommendations of the departments related to the development of work.
  13. Carry out any duties, responsibilities and tasks delegated from JNC or secretary general.