The Establishment of Jordanian Nursing Council ....Milestones
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  • 1982, Preparation started to establish Nursing Council in Jordan by Nursing Leaders
  • 1995, The Minister of Health formed a committee, with representation from various health sectors in Jordan to set a strategic plan for nursing and midwifery services in Jordan, to improve health care service; establishing nursing council was one of the committee core recommendations.
  • 1997, The Minister of Health formed a committee consisted of nursing leaders from various health sectors and headed by Dr. Rowaida Al-Ma'aitah to draw up a draft law for the Jordanian Nursing Council.
  • 1999, HRH Princess Muna chaired a Meeting of Jordanian sectors and the first draft of the proposed JNC law came out and finalized
  • 2001, Another meeting to complete the work on the JNC Law.
  • 2002, The Jordanian Nursing Council temporary law was passed by Royal Decree in 2002.  
  • 2006, The permanent Jordanian council law number 53 was issued after being passed by the Parliament.  

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