Secretary- General


Prof.Hani Al Nawafleh

2019/10/20 until now

Dr. Mohammed Yousif Saleh


Prof.Muntaha Gharaibeh​

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Ms. Da'ad Shokeh


Functions and authorities

    1. Implementing the decisions of the Council.​​

    2. Supervising the Council's executive body and preparing the organizational structure for this purpose.

    3. Working on the development of the Council's work and providing recommendations for this purpose.

    4. Following up on financial, administrative and technical affairs, preparing periodic and annual reports relating to these affairs and presenting them to the Council.

    5. Signing on behalf of the Council on issues authorized by it.

    6. Adopting records and files necessary for organizing the accounts of the Council according to established principles.

    7. Preparing the draft annual budget and presenting it to the Council for approval.

    8. Preparing the annual report of the Council's work, its budget and its final audits for the terminating year.

    9. Proposing directives necessary for the work of the Council.

    10. Any other function allocated to him/her by the President or the Council according to each case.  ​