Vision, Mission and Values



A Valued and Recognized Leader in Nursing & Midwifery Profession Regulation



Enhancing nurses and midwives accountability and professionalism, through a scientific and professional framework, and commitment to ethical and professionals standards, and improving nursing knowledge through, research, policy making,and implementation, and collaborative leadership.



  • Visionary leadership: we strategize and lead health care regulation in the region
  • Accountability and Transparency: we act in the best interest of our people, take responsibility for our actions and communicate effectively.  
  • Accountability and transparency: We strive for quality, function with high standards, and rely on our expertise. 
  • Efficiency in performance:  We innovate, embrace change and turn ideas into actions 
  • Partnership: We consult, network and collaborate with others to achieve our goals 
  • Aims​
  • The Council aims at enhancing nursing services in the Kingdom which would amount to protecting members of the society and promote their health, through regulating the profession and developing it scientifically and practically according to legislations in effect, including the following:
  • Joining in setting the national health strategy and in performing established plans and programs regarding the profession and their implementation.
  • Developing human resources in the field of nursing to raise the standard of nursing performance in accordance with scientific and practical developments.
  • Supporting scientific research with the aim of enhancing the development of the profession.