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A- The Council is empowered with the following authorities and functions in achieving its objectives:

1- Setting the strategy for organizing and developing the profession.

2- Proposing the policy of education for the profession and identifying its priorities in accordance with the policy of higher education. 

3- Proposing conditions for selecting hospitals for purposes of training and specialization in the profession, in coordination with the Ministry of Health.

4- Adopting the required standards and bases to elevate the standard of the profession and proposing legislations relating to its practicing.

5- Proposing the criteria and conditions relating to continuing education and certifying specialization in nursing in accordance with valid legislations.

6- Coordinating with local, regional, international entities and parties relating to the profession. 

7- Providing the opinion on legislations relating to health, if asked by the specialized party.

8- Setting required programs to developing human resources and developing technical capacities in the field of the profession, including developing the capacities of nursing administrative leaders.

9- Coordinating and cooperating with relevant entities to enhance scientific research in the field of nursing and health sciences.

10- Approving courses and issuing directives relating to their regulation, including setting exams, awarding certificates of participation and setting the cost for participation.

11- Preparing draft regulations relating to the Council and approving directives issued based upon them.

12- Approving the annual budget of the Council and supervising its execution.

13- Discussing the annual report and the final audits and approving them.

14- Accepting agreements and contracts to be concluded with other parties and assigning the person authorized to sign. 

15- Appointing a legal auditor for the Council and identifying his fees.

16- Any other authorities relating to the functions of the Council.

B- The Council is entitled while performing its duties and functions to establish committees, which it deems necessary, and identify duties and functions allocated to each.

C- The President represents the Council before others, and is entitled to assign this authority to any member of the Council including the Secretary- General, on condition that the assignment should be written and specific. 






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